教牧同工 Pastors & Elders 

Pastor Eugene Schamko

副牧师Associate Pastor

Pastor Daniel Zhao

副牧師Associate Pastor

Minister Nathaniel Yang


Elder Stanley Chan

Elder George Chang

Elder Mark Ho

Elder K. C. Leung

Elder Daniel Wu


 Pastor Eugene Schamko has been in ministry since 1992.  He served for 15 years in Connecticut before joining CCCGW in August 2007. He completed his BA/BL from Northeastern Bible College and a Master’s Degree in Missions from Trinity International University (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).  His  passion and life verse are summed up in Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”  The Lord has blessed him with a wonderfully caring wife of 29 years Ingrid and two children Paige Anne Schamko and Julia Cathyn Elizabeth Schamko.  His outside interests include:  Florida sunshine, a good black and white movie, following the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics and all kinds of fishing.

沈牧師1992年開始獻身事奉神。在2007年八月來華府中國教會事奉之前,他在康州事奉十五年。他畢業與西北聖經學院,獲取學士學位。然後在三一國際大學(三一福音神學院)獲取宣教碩士學位。他個人喜愛和生命的經文,就是歌羅西書317 “無論作甚麼,或說話,或行事,都要奉主耶穌基督的名,籍著祂感謝父神。“   神賜福他給他一位賢妻 (Ingrid)和兩個孩子 (Paige & Julia)。他外在的嗜好包括:佛羅列達州的陽光,看一場好的黑白電影,壘球隊比賽,和釣魚。

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 Pastor Daniel Zhao was born in a Christian family and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior when he was fifteen years old. He was called by God in 1983 and earned his BA and M.Div. in 1990. He was ordained in 1995 and received his PhD from Luther Seminary in 2007. He became the pastor at CCCGW in 2014.  His wife is Enlin Peng and two sons are Abraham and Joshua.


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Minister Yang was born into a Christian family. After sincerely searching for the meaning of life at the age of 19, he truly believed that Jesus is the Savior of the world and was baptized into Christ Jesus. His dream as a young man to study theology and to serve the Lord finally came true when he immigrated to Canada. In 2012 he acquired a Master of Divinity degree from Regent College. After many years of service, he went on to further studies and was conferred a Master of Theology degree at International Theological Seminary in USA. His attitude toward ministry is that doing ministry itself is a huge grace given by the Lord; humble and faithful service can bring true spiritual growth that will be true blessings to our brothers and sisters

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 Elder Stanley Chan received the grace of God and was saved in 1975 when he was a High school student in Hong Kong, China. He joined CCCGW in 1997 and was ordained as an elder in 2012. He has been a federal government employee for 25 plus years. He served in CCCGW as a teacher, missions deacon, fellowship leader, prayer partner, and Official Board Chairman. Elder Chan and his wife, Cindy, enjoy serving, caring, loving and praying for God’s people. They have two children, Jason and Rachelle.

陳長老是在香港唸中學時蒙恩得救,成為基督徒。1997年參加基督教華府中國教會,並在2012年被教會按立為長老。在聯邦政府工作至今,已經超過25年。在基督教華府中國教會曾任主日學老師、差傳部執事、團契領導及執事會主席。的太太陳琬芬姊妹同心在教會服事、關懷、愛護,為神的子民禱告。們有兩個兒女, 世光與詩韻。

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 Elder George Chang is a third-generation Christian. His grandfather was a minister and his uncle was a pastor. In 1963, Elder Chang came to the States from Taiwan to attend graduate school in California. In 1972, his family moved to Maryland and he served as a faculty member in the Department of Physics, University of Maryland. They attended CCCGW since then. In 2005, Elder Chang retired from the University and became an Emeritus Physics Professor. He is thankful that for more than 30 years, the Lord gave him the opportunity to lead the Bible study at various fellowship groups, serve in the pulpit ministry and taught in Sunday school for more than 20 years. By the grace of God, he composed nine sets of Sunday School classes material (five in New Testament and four in Old Testament).

張長老是第三代的基督徒, 從小就在教會學習事奉神. 的外祖父是傳道人, 母舅是牧師. 大學畢業後於1963年從台灣來美國加州上研究院. 1972全家搬到馬里蘭州, 在馬里蘭大學物理系任教, 並一直在本教會聚會. 2005從馬利蘭大學物理系退休後, 成為名譽退休教授. 感謝神, 三十多年來, 神讓有機會在本教會帶領不同團契的查經與靈修, 主日講台的事奉, 並教導國語成人主日學二十多年. 蒙神的恩典, 帶領編寫九卷主日學講義(新約五卷, 舊約四卷).

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 Elder Mark Ho was baptized into the Lord when he was high school age in Hong Kong. Later he came to the US for graduate studies.  After graduation, he came to the DC area for work and joined our church (CCCGW), and started to equip himself to serve the Lord by studying theology.  He first devoted his time to Christian literature ministry, writing Christian articles and translating books for publication. In recent years, he focuses his service in teaching the Bible,  preaching, leading Bible study groups and fellowships. He was ordained as an elder in 2000, and continues to serve the Lord faithfully.

何長老年青時在香港得救信主,後來美繼續學業,畢業後到華府地區工作,就一直參加我們的教會和在教會事奉,並致力裝備自己為主所用,攻讀神學課程。 開始時致力基督教文字工作,書寫基督教信仰文章,翻譯英文基督教書籍等刊登和出版。近年來專心在講道和聖經教導上的事奉,帶領查經班和團契等。2000年被按立為長老,繼續忠心事奉。

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 Elder KC Leung joined CCCGW in 1974, after he moved from California to Maryland. By the grace of God, he have served Him in CCCGW as Sunday school teacher, fellowship group leader, deacon, Board chairman, and finally as an elder. He thanks the Lord that he and his wife, Cynthia can serve in the community of believers in CCCGW for nearly three decades.


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 Elder Daniel Wu received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior when he was a graduate student in Texas. He joined CCCGW in 1987. He has been working in the field of information technology for 20 plus years. By the grace of the Lord, he had opportunities to serve the Lord in CCCGW as fellowship group leader, deacon, Official Board chair, Sunday school teacher and finally, as an elder. Elder Wu thanks the Lord for his wife, Maryann, who always serves with him as a team. They have two children, Jesse and James.


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