Wuhan Coronavirus Pneumonia Precautionary Measures

The coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has recently expanded rapidly in China, and six people have been confirmed to be infected in the United States. Because Wuhan Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person and can be fatal/life threatening, and many people in the Chinese community travel between China and the United States, we must be vigilant and take precautions.


1. Learn about Wuhan Coronavirus Pneumonia and take precautionary measures.


2. Since the virus has a longer incubation period and earlier symptoms, if you or a relative or friend you have come back from China recently, please isolate yourself at home for about 14 days. Don’t attend party meetings, worship and Chinese New Year celebrations to avoid unnecessary trouble.


3. If you have symptoms such as a cold, fever, or asthma of unknown cause, ask him or her to see a doctor.


4. If you are going to China in the near future, please bring enough face masks for your use.


5. If you have a friend or relative who is infected with the virus, please let the church know and we pray for him or her.


6. Please don’t be too panic about this, just wear a mask in public places and wash your hands often to keep it clean. In general, infections can be avoided.

Thank you.





1. 了解有关武汉冠状病毒肺炎的知识,做好防疫措施。


2. 由于这次病毒的潜伏期较长,早期症状更轻,如果您自己或者有接觸的亲戚朋友近期从中国回来,请在家中自行隔离約14天。就不要參加敎會聚會、崇拜與春節庆祝活動,以避免不必要之困擾。


3. 若有感冒发烧等症状,或是不明原因气喘,要建议他(她)去看医生。


4. 如果您近期要去中国旅行,请带足口罩备用。


5. 如果您有亲友感染了病毒,请告知教会,我们为他(她)祷告。


6. 請大家不要為此事過於恐慌,只要在公共場所注意戴口罩,平常多洗手保持衞生清潔。一般情況下就可以避免感染。



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